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Learn the Ins-and-Outs of Shopify eCommerce and Become a Certified Specialist

Learn, step-by-step, how to build, design, manage & grow an eCommerce business with Shopify. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

•Build stunning Shopify store's from scratch
•Confidently read and interpret your store's analytics
•Create exquisite eCommerce experiences across multiple sales channels and social media platforms
•Promote your store with adavanced e-mail and SMS marketing techniques

    Who's this For?


    Individuals and/or teams wanting to build their own eCommerce business using the Shopify platofrm.




    Individuals who want to develop high-value, in-demand skills in order to work with merchants using Shopify.



    Individuals who want to develop the skills needed to sell their services that help business owners come to Shopify.

    Here's What You'll Get

    This course isn’t made give you tricks or gimmiks, but will deliver all the knowledge, resources and support you need to excel at eCommerce with Shopfy.

    A Step-by-Step Processes

    Everything you need to know Shopify and get step-by step insturctions to build your very own store.

    Features, Plugins & Analytics

    Discover how to market, grow & scale your eCommerce business with the help of Shopify's features and social media.

    Expert Feedback & Review

    Get personal feedback and a comprehensive review of your eCommerce business from certified Shopify experts.

    You'll also get a Free 14-Day Shopify Trial

    What You'll Learn

    A curriculum designed to give you everything you need to go from zero to hero with Shopify.

    Professional Web Design for eCommerce Stores

    Discover the principles and process of creating stunning eCommerce website on all devices. Build a beautiful and function home page, collection pages, product pages and checkout process-all without code.

    How to Read & Use Analytics to Consistently Improve Performance

    Become confident in your ability to read, interpret and utilize the data in your analytics to consistently improve the performance of your Shopify store. You'll be exceptionally capable at creating custom reports and making informed decisions.

    How to Create Exceptional eCommerce Experiences Across the Globe

    Learn how to create a one of a kind experience for your customers from the moment they first discover your store to to the day they recieve their purchase.


    That's right, at the end of the course you'll get an in-depth review of your store with a comprehenisve report card that details your amazing work and any areas that could use some touching up.

    Learn eCommerce with Aidan Morgan

    Aidan Morgan has been helping businesses establish their presence and reach their full potential online for the better part of the decade.

    Aidan founded Create Captivate Close, an all-inclusive web design & eCommerce management agency that has helped generate over $3.7M for clients over the last 24 months.

    In recent years, he has started the 3C Academy, with the mission to empower 1 million businesses and entrepreneurs reach their full potential online.

    Get 80% or more on the final exam and


    The 10-Part Syllabus

    Lifetime access to all content and resources as well as any future updates.

    Part 1

    Intoduction to Shopify

    • Chapter 1: Why Shopify?
    • Chapter 2: Establishing your eCommerce Business Plan
    • Chapter 3: Creating your Free Shopify Account

    Part 2

    Shopify Foundations

    • Chapter 4: General
    • Chapter 5: Locations
    • Chapter 6: Plans & permissions
    • Chapter 7: Payments
    • Chapter 8: Notifications
    • Chapter 9: Store Languages
    • Chapter 10: Checkout
    • Chapter 11: Gift Cards
    • Chapter 12: Billing
    • Chapter 13: Shipping
    • Chapter 14: Files
    • Chapter 15: Legal
    • Chapter 16: Taxes

    Part 3

    Setting Up Your Store

    • Chapter 17: Adding products
    • Chapter 18: Creating collections
    • Chapter 19: Adding a domain name
    • Chapter 20: Setting up E-Mail
    • Chapter 21: Establishing Customer Support

    Part 4

    eCommerce Design

    • Chapter 22: Design Principles
    • Chapter 23: Themes
    • Chapter 24: Sourcing media
    • Chapter 25: Navigation
    • Chapter 26: The Home Page
    • Chapter 27: Product Pages
    • Chapter 28: Collection pages
    • Chapter 29: Checkout
    • Chapter 30: The Post-Purchase Experience

    Part 5

    Apps, Features & Plugins

    • Chapter 31: What apps & features do you need?
    • Chapter 32: Apps for Customer-Facing Features
    • Chapter 33: Apps for Back End Functions
    • Chapter 34: Recommended Apps

    Part 6


    • Chapter 35: Dashboards
    • Chapter 36: Custom Reports
    • Chapter 37: Insights
    • Chapter 38: Connecting Pixels
    • Chapter 39: Analytics/Reporting Apps
    • Chapter 40: Interpreting Your Analytics

    Part 7


    • Chapter 41: SEO
    • Chapter 42: E-Mail & SMS Marketing 
    • Chapter 43: Paid Advertising
    • Chapter 44: Google/Youtube
    • Chapter 45: Facebook/Instagram
    • Chapter 46: Pinterest
    • Chapter 47: TikTok
    • Chapter 48: Tracking Marketing Results
    • Chapter 49: Pre-Launch Marketing

    Part 8

    Final Exam

    • Getting Ready for the Test
    • Requirments for Certification

    Part 9

    Launching Your Store

    • Chapter 50: Store setup checklist
    • Chapter 51: Test Orders
    • Chapter 52: Fulfilling Real orders
    • Chapter 53: Launch

    Part 10

    Expert Review & Moving Forward

    • Chapter 54:Submitting Your Store for Expert Review
    • Chapter 55: What now?

    It's Time to Master Shopify

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