Affiliate Marketing

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

In short, affiliate marketing is when you earn commissions/rewards by referring actions (like purchases), to businesses & brands.

Affiliate marketing can be highly lucrative. When you refer sales to a business/brand, that brand can offer you a portion of the revenue that you helped generate.

Is affiliate marketing considered passive income?

In a way, yes. However it's better to think of affiliate marketing more as semi-passive income, because it does require real work upfront and less work as you grow. The amount of work and effort you put into affiliate marketing, will directly impact the amount of income you can generate.

How much does affiliate marketing cost?

Depending on the strategies you're using to recommend products, affiliate marketing typically has a zero-cost to entry.

Remember, affiliate marketing is simply recommending & sharing products you believe in, so simply referring friends and/or family by telling them in person would be considered affiliate marketing as well. This is also true for sharing these recommendations to you fan-base/followers on any free-to-use social media platform, like Instagram & Facebook.

Once and if you're ready to scale, you might want to create your own space to host these recommendations (like your own website), which can add minimal costs.

Who is affiliate marketing for?

Affiliate marketing is most effective and sustainable when done ethically. The more honest your reviews are, the more likely you will retain and grow your audience.

It's also helpful to know exactly what you are recommending and who you should recommend it to.


How to start earning
affiliate income


Exactly how to earn your first income as a new affiliate marketer.

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Creating your first
marketing e-mail


How to create the perfect e-mail for your customers and clients.

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Creating automated
email flows


Setting up automatic sequences for engaging subscribers, increasing sales & staying efficient.

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