Klaviyo E-Mail & SMS Management

E-Mail & SMS are two of the most powerful re-marketing tools you have for your business, at Create Captivate Close we deploy strategies designed to drive conversions, increase engagement and accelerate brand growth.

Certified Klaviyo Partners

Campaign Design, Strategy & Planning

At Create Captivate Close, we value strategic planning when it comes to campaigns. We’ll work with you to understand your audience, strategize, and design thoughtful campaigns focused on creating positive customer experiences.

We’ll create a detailed marketing calendar to make calculated decisions and schedule out your campaigns in advance so you don’t have to worry about executing your campaigns.

We continually test, personalize, and optimize our approach to achieve peak brand value and propel your business forward.

Analytics, A/B Tests & Optimization

We beleive data is king when it comes to driving results and improving performace over time. We use A/B testing to see which titles, graphics, and structures resonate best with each of your audience members.

Advanced List Segmentation

Our segmentation strategies make it possible to deliver the relavent content that truly resonates with each one of your audience members.

Email Flow & Series Implementation

Automated email flows are our specialty, we'll deploy sequences of emails that send out to certain customers when specific triggers and conditions are met. Next, we'll optimize each of those flows based on the analytics and data they generate.

Email flows can be crafted for countless different scenarios like; abandoned carts, post-purchase thank you's, winning back old customers, and driving more reviews. They can even be highly specialized for maximum relavency like; Customers who live in Claifornia that have spent $100+ on cookbooks in the last 90 days.

Are you ready to amplify your email performance?

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