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Imagination Manifestation, it's what we do. Whether you are selling products & services, or hosting digital content, we're masters at designing & building the digital real estate your brand deserves.

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Beautifully Responsive Design

From your desktop, to your mobile phone, to your tablet, we create deliberate design that presents, transforms and functions seemlessly across them all. Giving every visitor a unique and consisstent experience no matter which device they use.

eCommerce Web Design in Victoria BC
Strategic eCommerce Web Design in Victoria BC

Strategic UI & UX

Whether your selling one featured product, or 10,000+ products, we're masters at designing & building the luxury digital real estate your business deserves. Your stores’ experience will be what makes or breaks the customers’ decision to purchase, that's why we'll do an indepth audit of what your customers want and how they naturally interact when shopping online. From their, we'll iimplement the best possible structure of content, navigation and features that will make your store's experience, an unforgettable one.

Custom Built Content Management Systems (CMS)

Create, post and host all your dynamic content with an intuitive content management system. You'll be able to take complete control over how your content is categorized, presented and even how it can be accessed. We'll also include 1-hour of coaching for your team so they know exactly how to use your new CMS.

Custom Content Management Systems for your Website | CCC Digital Agency
Website Design & Development

Establishing Digital Identities

Through the use of consistent imagery, appealing typography, and meticulously chosen color palettes, we establish strong brand identities that can be effortlessly carried over to other platforms and media. We also include a style guide in the deliverables to make things even easier.

Our Objective-Driven Process Guarantees Results.

1. Research, Planning & Discovery
2. Wireframing, UI/UX, & Style Guides
3. Website Design
4. Web Development
5. Reviews, Revisions & Testing  
6. Launch & Support

Research, Planning & Discovery

To kick things off after our initial discovery meeting, we will research similar successful players with similar goals to analyze their strengths & weaknesses.

• Goals, Objectives & Timelines
• Establishing the Story
• Features & Capabilities
• Inspiring Competition
• Inspiring Competition
• Design & Technical Discovery

Wireframing, UI/UX, & Style Guides

Taking our analysis from step one, we now start to construct the wireframes, create style guides for color palettes, imagery & typography as well as plan user flows for the main objective.

• Layout, Wireframes
• Establishing Brand Voice
• Establishing customer journeys'
• Imagery & Video
• Fonts, Graphics & Colors
• Site Map & User Flows

Design on Webflow or Shopify

Once step 3 materials have been reviewed &   approved, we start designing the website using Webflow. It's here where we also create any animations, transitions and/or interactive elements and ensure each page is formatted perfectly for search engine indexing (SEO).



The development includes the creation and implementation of the site's desired functionality. This includes features like the Content Management System, user accounts/memberships, email lead generators, eCommerce capabilities or other desired/agreed upon functions.


Reviews, Revisions & Testing  

Once developed, we begin the internal and blind testing of the website on all devices. From these tests and your review, we complete any needed revisions and repeat the process until successful.


Launch & Support

Your new website is ready to go live. We connect your desired domain and press Publish. From here we deliver coaching for your site admins and continue to provide a point of contact for support in managing your new website.

Included with Every Project

Your satisfaction and success is our number one priority, that's why we always include each of the following with web design projects of any size.

ith your New Website | CCC Digital Agency

Get your domain name free for the first year.

Responsive Web Design in Victoria BC

Your website will look and feel beautiful on all devices.

Dedicated Web Design Support

Direct personal access to your assigned CCC agent 7 days a week during the design process.

Web Design Catered to you in Victoria BC

We'll make any changes* you may want done for up to 14 days after delivery.

Learn how to use your new web design by CCC Digital Agency

Up to 1-hour of coaching your current team on using your new CMS.

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Estimate the Cost of Your Project

If you're not sure what you need, we'll help you! Book a Discovery Call
1. How big of a website are we looking at?
Establish your online presence
A site that gets the job done
Large & in-charge
6-10 PAGES
2. Will you need a CMS? (Content Management System)
No content will be shared/hosted here.
No CMS needed
I'd like to share Blogs/Content like videos, pictures, recipes etc...
Simple CMS
I'd like to share content & pull content from other sources/databases
Bespoke CMS
3. Will you want to book meetings or appointments with an interactive calendar?
I'd like visitors to be able to book a meeting based on auto-updating availability.
No, a standard contact form will do just fine.
No Need
4. How about attention-grabbing animations? (Moving pictures & illustrations)
No Animations
Static Website
Simple Animations
Animations will be
Total Cost Estimation

Got Questions? We got Answers

Here are some of the questions we're frequently asked about web design & development, but don't hesitate to email us or schedule a free call to a

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*Special pricing available for non-profits

How much will a project cost?

When it comes to stunning web design, there's no one size fits all approach. The cost of every project is mainly determined by it's size, desired functionality, and the work it demands.

How do you choose between Webflow & Shopify?

In short, we prefer Shopify for 99% of eCommerce focused projects and Webflow for all other projects. Shopify is our eCommerce platform of choice simply because of it's vast ecosystem of apps & integrations as well as it's simplicity in backend management. As for Webflow, in our opinion, it's far superior to anything else when it comes to presenting information online, hosting content, and/or establishing your online presence.

If you're selling physical products or services, we will most likely be recommending Shopify. For almost all other use-cases, we will most likely be recommending Webflow.

What are the ongoing costs of a CCC website?

Costs to host your site will depend on the platform used as well any third party integrations you may want.

For websites built on Webflow, there are a few options:
Hosting for websites without a CMS:
Billed Annually
Billed Monthly
Hosting for websites with a CMS:
Billed Annually
Billed Monthly
For websites built on Shopify, there are a few options:
Hosting for Shopify Stores
starts at:
Billed Annually
Billed Monthly

Will you make changes to my site in the future?

For all CCC websites, regular or eCommerce we offer an all-inclusive retainer.

How long will my project take?

While the time to complete your project will significantly depend on it's size & capabilities, most projects fall in the 10-30 day range.

I get a free domain name with my website?

Yes! If you don't have a domain already we will purchase the first year for you. If you already have a domain name we can credit your final bill with $20.

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