eCommerce Strategy & Solutions

With eCommerce Strategy & Solutions we aim to save companies time, money & stress by providing exactly what the title entails. Here, we'll become your strategic partner and work with you to accelerate growth, identify problems and provide solutions.

Shopify Expert Web Design & Setup

What it Entails

Bespoke Customer Support & Management

Say goodbye to the time intensive customer support management or expensive support staff. We build, deploy and operate entire customer support systems that allow customers to get in touch 24/7 by email or live chat embedded right on your online store. We'll work with you to formulate highly effective strategies, policies and solutions to countless scenarios; this means we'll handle 100% of returns, refunds, and exchanges. Our customer support solutions save you time and money.

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Customer Support Management | Create Captivate Close
Email Marketing Services | Create Captivate Close

E-Mail & SMS Marketing Management

We’ll work with you to understand your audience, strategize, and design thoughtful campaigns focused on creating positive customer experiences. We’ll create a detailed marketing calendar to make calculated decisions and schedule out your campaigns in advance so you don’t have to worry about executing your campaigns.

When you're a strategy & solutions partner, you'll also get everything in our email marketing management service.

See E-Mail Marketing Management

Monthly Advanced Performace Reports

Recieve multiple in-depth monthly reports on profits/losses, marketing performance, product insights and more. At the end of every quarter we'll have a deep-dive meeting discussing the next goals, plans and further strategy.

eCommerce Management | Create Captivate Close
eCommerce Management | CCC Digital Agency

Ongoing Maintenance & Optimization

The more time that goes on, the more we'll be able to see which techniques and features are working, and which ones need improvement.

We'll be there 7 days a week to analyze and optimize to consistently improve results.

eCommerce Management Victoria BC

Collaborations & Growth Opportunities

With Strategy clientelle, we're constantly on the outlook for marketing collabortions and strategic partnerships. We'll find & broker deals with other companies we believe will add value to you and your customers. In the execution of these partnerships, we'll implement and integrate all neccessary code/features required to make it a seamless experience.

How it Works

eCommerce Strategy & Solution for us, means a partnership. We'll start by doing a deep dive into your business and discover what your goals are and any startegies you've been using up until this point. Next we'll carefully formulate a plan, execute on it and analyze the results. Finally, we optimize based on those results for continuous improvement and to achieve faster growth. We then continue by repeating numbers 2 through 3.











The Agents

Aidan Morgan | CCC Digital Agency
Kiera Thomas | CCC Digital Agency
Kiera Thomas | Create Captivate Close

Agent Access, 7-Days a Week.

We're here for you. While we're partners, one or all of our agents will be available to you 7-days a week to answer any questions or provide solutions to problems as they arise. We recognize, and love, that eCommerce is a 24/7 industry and that the faster movers typically win. With CCC, you'll always have a fighting hand in your corner.

Aidan Morgan
Lead Agent  eCommerce Specialist

Aidan Morgan has been helping businesses establish their presence and reach their full potential online for the better part of the decade. Aidan founded Create Captivate Close, an all-inclusive web design & eCommerce management agency that has helped generate over $4.6M in revenue for clients within just the last 24 months.

Ryley Morgan
Agent Relations Specialist

Ryley Morgan has been here from the beginning, proving to be an exceptional asset to CCC. Ryley specializes in maintaining the relationships between us and or clientele as well as brokering strategic partnerships between eCommerce businesses.

Kiera Thomas
Agent  Support Specialist

It takes a special type of person to handle customers. If you've ever tried it yourself, you'll know that while fulfilling, customer support can be a cumbersome & mentally-draining role.

But great support doesn't only lead to happy happy customers, it drives repeat business and can ultimately save tens of thousands in lost revenue. Over the last 3 years, Kiera Thomas has demonstrated the exceptional ability to consistently deliver results for our clientele.

Andrea Delco
Agent Fulfillment Specialist

Shipping, delivery & fulfillment logistics can be one of the most complicated aspects of running an ecommerce business. Andrea Delco is an expert at navigating this system that gets more complicated by the day.

Sara Lou
Agent Copywriting Specialist

One of the most crucial parts about any website is effective copy, it tells a story, captivates visitors and most importantly, it converts. Sara Lou, is capable of doing exactly that.

Teresa Capelli
Agent SEO & Copywriting Specialist

Aidan Morgan has been helping businesses establish their presence and reach their full potential online for the better part of the decade. Aidan founded Create Captivate Close, an all-inclusive web design & eCommerce management agency that has helped generate over $3.7M for clients over the last 24 months.

We've saved & recovered our Strategy & Solution partners more than;








in employment, lost revenue, & other operational costs.

Are you ready to save time, money and accelerate growth?

While every company, and the management it demands, is unique, our pricing models are designed to consistently save you significant portions of employment and operational costs. We're not here to be another expense, we're here to be an asset.

Revenue Share


With our revenue share pricing model we'll grow as you grow, making our goals fiscally aligned and giving you a consistent cost of service. It also means that your success, is our success.

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Variable Flat Rates


With our variable flat-rate pricing model, we'll formulate a custom quote based on your current needs & goals. From there, we revaluate the rates based at the end of every quarter.

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