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This project holds a special place in our hearts. With ever growing class sizes and households where both parents work full time, it's easy for any kid to fall behind on their studies. This clients solves exactly that! But before we partnered up they operated their business manually, like pen and paper manually, and we believed there was a much more efficient way to help students and explode revenue.

Keep scrolling and you'll see how we transformed this personal tutoring business.

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• Web Design
• Calendar Integrations
• eCommerce Development
• Total UI & UX

Discover. Learn. Repeat.

When it comes to service eCommerce, it's all about the user experience. With this project we carefully crafted the path from discovery to purchase to be as frictionless as possible.

But it doesn't stop there.

Once a session is completed, clients will be presented with the opportunity to book their next session right then and there.

In short, the UX effectively automates recurring revenue.

Beyond the Session.

You may hate us for this one, but we made assigning, submitting and grading homework post-session as easy as possible.

When booking a session, students (or parents), can choose to pay a little extra to get a homework assignment assigned and then easily submit it for grading.

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Tutoring Service Web Design + Development | CCC Digital Agency

A Truly elevated ecommerce experience from discovery, to purchase, & beyond

Intuitive Organization
When you're selling over 1500 unique products, nothing is more important than a clear and intuitive way to navigate through the sea of possibilities. Beyond the basics of sorting new to old, or low price to high price, Aubergine Foods features combination filtering options that allow customers to sort by brand, origin, type and dietary preference all at once. Want vegan food from Zimbabwe? Easy. Want a specific brand of cookies? Not a problem.

Cross Device Memory
Not all customers can finish their shopping in one session, and when most customers are buying dozens of products at once nothing is more frustrating than having to go through and pick all their items out again. This is where the cross-device memory comes in. Any customer who is signed in will have the ability to switch between any device during their shopping, keeping all the contents in their cart saved.

Gamified Shopping
In order to boost the engagement on-site as well as increase sales, we implemented some gamification to the shopping experience. Free gifts with spending milestones , branded rewards that carry over to the next purchase, special levels

24/7 Support
Customers here always have questions to be answered, the 24/7 support section provides the solutions they're looking for at any time of the day. When a live agent isn't online, the chat-bot can do virtually everything the agent can including, answering questions about tracking, shipping rates & times, or submitting support tickets for damaged packages.

With the use of segmented Klaviyo email flows, customers can expect both a unique and consistent experience after placing their order. For example, "thank you" emails will always have content that differs based on characteristics like the number of orders someone has placed or the items they've purchased in that order.

Community Forum
We understood how important community was to the patrons here, which is why we started a tribe that's totally separate from any other social network. The tribe is built to let members discuss important topics to them like food, immigration, news, humor and so much more. All free from the saturation, spam and irrelevant content promotion you find on traditional Facebook groups. While this tribe is owned and operated by us, we have branded it as something impartial to the selling of our products here but have also incorporated rewards for content creations & engagement that can be carried over to discounts for our store.

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