Content ideas, they’re typically a dime a dozen, that is until you’re looking for one. Anyone who creates content regularly has been here, motivated more than ever to create another valuable piece when suddenly, your mind becomes as blank as the page you’re staring at.

Thankfully there’s a solution.

When you’re trying to provide value in content, you’re ultimately attempting to provide the answer to a question. One of the best ways to ensure your content will provide value people are actually looking for is by Answering the Public’s questions.

Where do you find these questions?

Well, you can find them with the free to use web tool befittingly named “Answer the Public.”

Answer the Public, is a remarkable tool that allows you to “get instant, raw search insights, direct from the minds of your customers.” All you have to do is type your topic/keywords in, and voila, you’ll instantly get a beautiful flurry of content ideas all neatly organized into 3 main intuitive charts.

The 3 main charts are; Questions, Prepositions & Comparisons

The questions chart is broken up into 10 categories; who, what, where, when, why, will, which, how, are & can. Each section can include any number of questions that have been generated by real searches. For example, a result in the questions chart generated by a search for ‘e-commerce’ could be Why is E-commerce the Future.”

The prepositions chart is broken up into 7 categories; can, with, near, for, without, to, & is. For example, a result in the prepositions chart generated by a search for ‘e-commerce’ could be “E-commerce with Stripe.”

The comparisons chart is broken up into 5 categories; Versus, like, and, or & vs.For example, a result in the comparison chart generated by a search for ‘e-commerce’ could be “E-commerce with Stripe” or “E-commerce Vs. Commerce.”

Beyond the chart, there’s even more. You have the ability to simply view the results in two different ways, through a visual chart (as seen below), or in data blocks that display each category & result in its own list. You can also download these charts completely free in the form of a PNG or even a CSV file where you can see all results listed out on an excel sheet.

Here’s what the search “e-commerce” generates in the proposition chart.

Answer the Public Preposition Chart: E-Commerce

Answer the Public Preposition Chart: E-Commerce

So how does it actually work?

Answer The Public listens into autocomplete data from search engines like Google, then instantly creates intuitive charts laying out every useful phrase and questions real people are asking in regards to your search term.

In their words “It’s a goldmine of consumer insight you can use to create fresh, ultra-useful content, products and services.”

This means that the result generated is completely based on what people are searching for, allowing you to feel confident that your next piece of content will provide the exact value certain people are looking for.

What’s the catch?

Answer the Public is completely free to use for up to 2 searches per day. It might not seem like a lot, but you generate a plethora of useful content ideas within that limit. In popular topics, you could have hundreds of unique content ideas to go through from a single search.

The paid plan offers more than a few benefits, especially if you’re working with a team. You get unlimited daily searches, unlimited team members, the ability to monitor & get alerted to new suggestions, compare data over time, hide unwanted suggestions as well as a few other handy features.

Paid plans start at $99/month or $79/month billed annually, not an outrageous cost at all if you do need the additional features and access.

The more valuable the content you provide and how it relates to what the people in your niche are searching for will directly impact how discoverable your content is on search engines. Using Answer the Public is an effective way to ensure you’re answering questions that people actually want answers for.

Try it out yourself: Answer the Public

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